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API Logs

The API Logs are a comprehensive list of API requests related to your CallTrackingMetrics account.  Any integrations or webhooks you’re using will have a log of requests that can be viewed here.  This page is useful for monitoring activity and troubleshooting errors. Learn More

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Ask AI

AskAI allows you to ask any natural language question and get a concise ChatGPT powered answer, which can then be entered into a custom field for easy reporting. The AskAI can be set up using a trigger that runs after a call is completed. Learn More

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Custom Fields

Custom fields extend contact and log entries by allowing you to add your fields for important pieces of information you’d like to associate with a particular call or caller. Custom fields can be used within the softphone, call log, smart routers, notifications, and reports. Learn More

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CallTrackingMetrics’ FormReactors utilize click-to-call form technology to automatically connect your agents to new form leads. Formreactors are available on Marketing Pro, Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth, and Connect plans. Learn More

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Chat Widget delivers instant, real-time service for your customers. Chat is overwhelmingly becoming a preferred method for customers to communicate with businesses because it’s easy, allows them to multi-task, and minimizes their wait time. Similar to how you can track calls, texts, and forms on the application, you can attribute live chat interactions back to …

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Bulk Messages

Bulk Messages allow you to use your text-enabled tracking numbers to send bulk text messages through the CTM system. This is an easy way to quickly send a text message to a list of your customers. If you need to confirm, or enable, text messaging with your tracking numbers.  Bulk messages are available on Sales …

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Routing Tables

Routing Tables are a great alternative to smart routers to route calls to different endpoints when there are an abundance of tracking numbers involved. The table consists of one value or key to determine where to route a call. Unlike the smart router there is no extensive logic, only a one to one match between a …

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Geo Routers

Geo routers allow you to route callers based on their location.  You can choose to route callers based on the area code of the number from which they dial or their zip code.  Geo routers are not able to route callers based on the physical location of their mobile phones. Learn More

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Agent Scripts

Agent scripts are used to provide agents with a script that will display in the softphone for inbound or outbound calls. The scripts can use markdown to format the scripts so that they are easier to read. Additionally, the scripts can use variables that will be replaced with information from the call. Call scripts are associated …

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