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Ask AI

AskAI allows you to ask any natural language question and get a concise ChatGPT powered answer, which can then be entered into a custom field for easy reporting. The AskAI can be set up using a trigger that runs after a call is completed. Learn More

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ROI Report

Within the reports menu, you will see a group of reports called “ROI Reports”. These reports allow you to see the financial performance of each advertising campaign as we well as the performance of the people answering your phones. Learn More

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Routing Tables

Routing Tables are a great alternative to smart routers to route calls to different endpoints when there are an abundance of tracking numbers involved. The table consists of one value or key to determine where to route a call. Unlike the smart router there is no extensive logic, only a one to one match between a …

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You can either manually enter tags in for each of your Activities for Calls, Chats, Messages, Forms, and Faxes or set up tags to automatically be applied to activities based on defined criteria. Tags are especially helpful for categorizing your activities if you’re interested in tracking a specific product or promotion. Learn More

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Geo Routers

Geo routers allow you to route callers based on their location.  You can choose to route callers based on the area code of the number from which they dial or their zip code.  Geo routers are not able to route callers based on the physical location of their mobile phones. Learn More

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Agent Scripts

Agent scripts are used to provide agents with a script that will display in the softphone for inbound or outbound calls. The scripts can use markdown to format the scripts so that they are easier to read. Additionally, the scripts can use variables that will be replaced with information from the call. Call scripts are associated …

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Activity Reports

The Activity Reports page provides an overview of your calls over a set time period sorted by a dimension of your choice. You can apply filters and date ranges to narrow down which calls you want to include in the report, and select a view (such as calls by source, calls by hour of day, or calls by …

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Help Tab

The Help tab is your go to location for all of the resources that CallTrackingMetrics has to offer. Learn More

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Triggers can be used to automate processes in your account based on specific aspects of a call, allowing. you to to streamline actions in your account.   Learn More