Getting Started with CTM

Are you ready to get started with CTM? Or refresh your basic call tracking and attribution know-how?

Yes? Huzzah!

Join us for Getting Started with CTM Customer Training every other Friday at 3pm. Together, we’ll walk through CTM’s top features and must-do items, from buying your first tracking number to mastering the softphone. 

Together, we’ll explore four key topics in CTM: 

🔑 Core Concepts: From tracking numbers to Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), we’ll get comfortable with the terms and ideas you need to navigate your new account. 

📈 Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI): DNI is behind everything you do in CTM! Learn what it is, how it works, and how to set it up for yourself.

☎️ Routing Calls: Walk through routing setups and discover which options are available to you on your plan subscription. 

💬 Calling & Texting: Using the softphone is an important part of CTM mastery. Learn how to call and text right from within your account. 


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