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Smart Routers

Smart routing refers to the intelligent directing of phone calls based on either predefined or dynamically-generated rules.

The smart router is easily accessed through a simple rules-based interface to set up configurations and change them at any time.

You can route calls based on the caller’s online activity, their history with your company, their demographic information, or on custom fields you create in our software. The routing is highly customizable and works well for contact center clients who have sophisticated team structures and rules to apply to their inbound calls.

You can route calls to a Smart Router from a tracking number, a voice menu, or a call queue, and you can use Smart Routers to send calls to a geo router, receiving number, agent, or even another Smart Router in your account.

Some examples of Smart Router use cases are:

  • Language preferences – Saves the language preference of repeat callers and automatically route them to their language of choice
  • Holiday schedules – Select specific dates and times to route callers to a holiday voicemail automatically
  • Specialized agent routing – Allows you to add a client phone number to be priority routed to a specific agent
  • Gender-based routing – Some industries may want to priorities routing callers to agents of the same or opposite gender