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Likelihood Scores & Accuracy Reports

Likelihood Scores & Accuracy Reports

The likelihood score refers to how confident our system is that a particular website visitor made a particular phone call. The score for each match can range from 1%-100%, with 100% being the most confident.

  • Likelihood scores apply to online sources only.

Likelihood Score

We use various factors to determine which website visitors are most likely to have made each of your phone calls, such as time, geography, activity, and history.

To keep your likelihood scores as close to 100% as possible, we recommend 1 tracking number for every 20 daily visitors to your website from a source.

For example, if you have 100 daily visitors to your website from Google Ads, you should set up 5 tracking numbers with the source “Google Ads.” The system will evenly distribute how many visitors see the tracking numbers in your Google Ads pool across the day. The system remembers which tracking number each visitor saw, and it will continue to show that same number to them each time they come back to your website.

Ensuring that you have enough tracking numbers will keep your “likelihood scores” high. If too many visitors see the same tracking number each day on your website, you may see your likelihood scores falling away from 100%. We will always match a visitor to your calls, but if you want those matches to be as close to 100% confident as possible, we recommend using the 1 for every 20 rule described above.

One way of ensuring that you stay at the recommended 1:20 ratio is running the Accuracy Report.

Accuracy Report

The accuracy report will tell you by source and tracking number how many tracking numbers you currently have, if you need more tracking numbers, fewer tracking numbers, or if they’re just right. This report helps determine how many new tracking numbers you should purchase when you notice the likelihood score is consistently low in the activity logs.Accuracy Report