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Building Skill Based Routing

Skill Based Routing

A great use for skill-based routing is routing based on spoken languages. Think of it like matchmaking–we’re out to make the best, most personalized connections.

Skill-Based Routing in Action

When an activity in the queue is recognized as, say, a French speaker, the system will run the logic to decide which agents are the best match for the activity.

Knowing that the contact’s language is French, skill-based routing allows the admin to create logic that excludes agents that don’t speak French, and give the agents who are the most fluent in French the highest priority. Those who speak French as a second language are assigned the next level of priority. Skill-based routing ultimately delivers the most personalized customer experience possible.

Assigning the Logic

In the queue, under the agent routing rules, assign the agents their skills. Above the listed agents is where you configure the skill-based logic.

Lastly, you can customize the weight for each skill under the Skills settings.

Agent Skills and Logic Creator