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About the Tracking Code

In order to track calls back to your online advertising campaigns, you will want to use CTM’s tracking code to dynamically display tracking numbers on your website.

The tracking code is a script that determines the advertising channel that led a visitor to your website and shows the tracking number that corresponds to that channel. Once the visitor calls your tracking numbers, the tracking code allows you to see the details of the visit as soon as the phone starts ringing.

This provides powerful in-the-moment information for your agents and is the data that populates your online advertising reports. The tracking code is unique to each account or account.

What does it do?

  • The tracking code looks for the target number on your website and changes it to a tracking number if a visitor is coming through one of your sources.
  • It collects data about your visitors and stores for reporting. 

Where is it located?

  • Numbers > Tracking Code

What does it look like?

  • <script async src=”//91251.tctm.co/t.js”></script>
  • Each account/sub-account has its own unique code

Where does it go on the web page?

  • After the <head> tag on each of your web pages
  • The code should go on all pages of your site

How we use it


  • By default, the tracking code remembers the history of the visitor for 30 days 
  • You can adjust the cookie duration under your tracking code configurations


  • The code cannot change phone numbers in images 


  • Phone match vs. exact match
  • Exact match only needs to be used for special formats


  • The last touch source will override any previous sources associated with a visitor.