ChatAI Training

Build your own AI-powered chatbot and use it to make sales, save time, and nurture leads from start to live agent during our virtual ChatAI release party on November 16 at 2pm ET!


What is ChatAI?


ChatAI is a best-in-class AI service that integrates easily with your own content to help you manage website visitors, nurture leads, and stop wasting time on low-value chats.


When you attach it to a chat widget, ChatAI can automatically answer incoming chats and provide intelligent answers (based on your company’s documentation and knowledge base).


By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:


1. Build a chatbot for your website:

2. Crawl your website to train your bot

3. Link your new chatbot to the CTM chat widget


The Big 4 Benefits of ChatAI:


  • Free up agents for more impactful tasks when you let ChatAI handle routine inquiries.


  • Never miss another opportunity to engage with a website visitor. ChatAI will help new visitors find what they’re looking for before transferring them to a live agent.


  • ChatAI will ask pre-qualifying questions so your agents can go into a chat armed with the information they need to nurture a lead, complete a sale, or resolve an issue.

  • Crawl a website to link leads and customers to the documents they need. No need for your chat agents to manually find help articles, link to blogs, or paw through archives for resources – ChatAI will do the digging for you.



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